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The Internet offers a world of possibilities in teaching any grade level. Virtual field trips and interactive activities can engage students? imaginations and allow them to experience concepts in ways that would not be possible through traditional lessons. Internet exercises are not only a good way to teach the regular curriculum, they provide an excellent opportunity to teach students about online safety and Internet research methods. The following resources can help teachers integrate the web technology into their classrooms.


  • Surfin' for ABCs: Children learn about Internet safety while learning about the alphabet.
  • Kindergarten Games: Games that have been selected to aid Kindergartners in learning fine motor skills, shapes, patterns, alphabet, and numbers.
  • Barnyard Babies: A counting, read-a-loud story that highlights the spoken words.
  • Young Writers Workshop: A site with creative story starters will help set up a Writers Workshop in your classroom.
  • Literacy Center: Exercises to learn the basics of early literacy.

Grades 1-6

Grades 7-9

Grades 9-12

  • Cellular Growth and Division: Students will use Internet resources and animations to learn about the development of cells.
  • Witness for the Prosecution: Students create an online newspaper based on the Agatha Christie novel.
  • Periodic Table: An interactive, visual interpretation of the elements.
  • Endocrinology: Students will explore the topic of endocrinology in this webquest.
  • Arthurian Legends: A cyber guide with several different activities.
  • Internet Scavenger Hunt: The objective of this lesson is to practice Internet research skills. Teachers can change the actual items to match grade level or curriculum.
  • Allegory in Painting: Students are introduced to the concept of allegory in visual arts.
  • Packing Circles: Packing soda cans teaches students more about area and circumference.
  • Arch-Net: Online archaeological resources and activities for grades K-12.
  • Virtual Field Trips: Virtual field trips for museums around the world.

Teaching Resources

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I think that even internet give opportunity to get lessons from the most famous teachers around the world that won’t mean to that class still be an important part in grade level! In fact things learnt in classroom stand more than those got in the internet only because on net courses most of the time you get distracted.

06/22/12 @ 13:01